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I’ve been a web developer for 12 years. The web is a very dynamic and powerful platform to work with. While being on social media is a good thing (and something I can help with as well), a good website should communicate your brand in one of the most effective ways available today.

Website’s really benefit from a professional touch. You want a site that is fast, aesthetically pleasing, up-to-date, mobile friendly, and easy to use. But, you don’t want to fight with it. That’s where I come in. The web is my thing. I can build anything from a basic website to a full billing system with online payments, etc.

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I’ve been a web developer for 4 years. Mobile apps are a great opportunity to expand your presence. Mobile often works hand-in-hand with your web presence as well. For many businesses and organizations, mobile is still a new platform. It is extremely confusing and, often, frustrating to try to figure out what you need and what direction to go.

I don’t get to work with mobile development as much as I’d like. But, I honestly love working with mobile apps. I find that mobile is a bit more intimate, if you will. Being easily accessible on a device that lives in a person’s pocket takes a little different approach. To be honest, sometimes a good mobile presence isn’t about a mobile app but, instead, is about your website being friendly to mobile users. These days, if you don’t have an app or a website that is mobile friendly, you just don’t exist to many potential clients.

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