Hi! I'm Blayne


My name is Blayne Allan Stewart; I just go by B. I'm a web developer, professional photographer, totally geek out on anything technology related and spend way too much time on my coffee.

My formal education is a Bachelor of Science in History that I, lovingly, refer to as "a degree in research and writing." I find it pretty useful, most of the time. The education that pays the bills came from a lot of reading and late nights with highly caffeinated beverages, cold pizza, and a code editor. Well, that and photographing as many people as I could convince to get in front of my camera

To find out more, without me going on and on here, it is probably just easier to check out my projects. Poke around, read a little and enjoy - that is why it is all out there in the first place. If you find yourself curious after all of that, you can always send a message.


Web Development

As a freelance web developer my clients have been colleges, professional organizations and small businesses. The majority of my time has been spent working in Education. In one way or another I've been working in the web world for around 10 years.


I've been a professional photographer for 8 years. My main focus has been portraiture, especially black and white portraits. Blayne Allan Photography is where you can find more information and a gallery of images.

Mobile App Development

App development is the newest area I've started working in. I have developed a few apps as I have been exploring mobile development. I've been working with both Apple's iOS platform as well as Google's Android platform. Check us out on the App Store and Google Play.


My blog is one of the few personal projects I have going on. Though, at the moment, it is on hold as I rethink how I want to approach it.


If you are looking to get in touch, I recommend email, text, Twitter or even Instagram. I'll be honest, phone calls are the last thing I usually get to.

 Melbourne, AR
 (501) 499-9027